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Taylor Collins  |  Sep 15, 2015

As an omnivore who sways closer to the status of a carnivore, I believe that we need to be fully conscious of our decision to eat meat. This mindfulness is based on a sacred relationship between ourselves, the food we eat, and the land on which we depend. I have come to believe that when we no longer consume food with full awareness, we are removing ourselves from a bigger world in which our daily decisions are the difference between destroying ecosystems and building them.


As a species we have been conscious carnivores for the greater part of 200,000 years. Being grateful for the meat on your table is an innate capacity that shows respect, honor, and humbleness. These traits not only lead to a greater appreciation for the animal that gave its life for our own nutrition, but also a strong bond to the land that is foundational for life to exist.

For me, being a conscious carnivore begins with taking a moment to be mindful and grateful for the food that is on my table. It's important to recognize that the meat on your dinner plate was once a living creature with emotions and consciousness. This awareness leads to the reduction of waste through not over purchasing or over serving food.


Disposing of meat in the trash is one of the most disrespectful and inhumane acts I can think of. It's a bad habit that we are all guilty of, but can be reduced with greater mindfulness compassion for a once living animal.

As a Co-founder of EPIC, I consistently push myself to being fully aware of our impacts on land and livestock. This has led me from the fields on which our animals are raised to the slaughter house in which our meat is harvested. Although difficult to observe, witnessing the last breathing moments of an animal's life has gifted me with a valuable perspective on utilizing as much of the creature as possible as well as reducing our own waste through the cooking, distribution, and sampling process. This mindfulness is programed into how we operate the company on a daily basis and also serves as a moral compass for our decisions on expanding the brand. As a result, we constantly strive to create products that enrich the lives of animals, the health of human consumers, and can regenerate the land on which we depend.


Start being more mindful towards the meat that is on your plate. Compassion and respect for food is encoded deep into our genetic makeup and grounds us to this majestic planet. It's an EPIC way to eat.


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