Bison Tallow (Single Jar)
Bison Tallow (Single Jar)

$ 9.99


In celebration of America's first national mammal, EPIC presents a limited edition cooking fat coveted by early pioneers and indigenous cultures throughout the history of our country. As a national symbol of America, the bison symbolizes the timeless forces of power, resilience, and freedom embodied by our forefathers and preserved in modern American culture. A keystone mammal, biologically engineered to enrich plains and prairie ecosystems, large herds of bison support one of our greatest opportunities to positively impact grasslands and increase biodiversity in our country. Onwards to the return of the majestic bison!

The Whole Animal Project: Our traditional cooking fat allows us to use more of the whole bison. This “nose to tail” commitment creates more nourishing food from these spectacular creatures and better honors the brilliant animals EPIC Provisions sources. Eat EPIC.

Traditional Uses: Pan Seared Meats, Bison Fat Fries, Savory Eggs, Pemmican, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Anything Deep Fried!

Ingredients: Pastured Bison Tallow