Beef Tallow (Single Jar)
Beef Tallow (Single Jar)

$ 9.99


EPIC proudly introduces a line of chef–-choice animal based oils guaranteed to transport your culinary adventures to new realms of nourishment and time honored cooking. A staple cooking oil cherished by generations before, our rendered animal fats are a trusted, pure and stable option. Enjoy a superior cooking oil with seemingly endless limits, just like your culinary imagination. 

From nose to tail, EPIC Provisions is committed to honoring and utilizing all aspects of the animal. With the newest addition of animal cooking oils, we are furthering our commitment to what we call the “EPIC Whole Animal Project.” Time–tested by our great–great–great grandparents, we are bringing animal oils back into the kitchen where they belong! 

Beef Tallow
Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef Tallow