Beef apple bacon bar in front of product box on wood table Single beef apple bacon bar on wooden table
Beef Apple Bacon Bar
Box of 12

$ 30.00 $ 34.00


Like all EPIC beef products, we begin this bar by honoring the innate ability of the mighty ruminate to convert grass into delicious animal protein. Our 100% grass-fed beef is not only pasture centered but also free range. In true spirits of giving consumers what they want, we then added a generous serving of uncured bacon. For the grand finale, we included dried organic apples to harmonize with the savory notes of dominant meaty goodness. The end result is a carnivore’s best dream!

INGREDIENTS: Beef, Uncured Smoked Bacon - No Nitrates or Nitrites Added (Pork, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Celery Powder), Organic Dried Apples, Lactic Acid, Celery Powder, Sea Salt.