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Natasha Calvert  |  Jul 24, 2016

Here at EPIC HQ, we love food. One of our founding principles is food rules. When we saw the Paleo Mom’s new recipe for tostones made with our tasty and nourishing duck fat, we couldn’t wait to get into the EPIC test kitchen to try them for ourselves. We also couldn’t resist having a little fun. Clint and Liz from the wolfpack customer service team do an amazing job answering important questions for our customers on the phone. Practice makes perfect!


Our cage-free duck fat is a staple cooking oil cherished by many generations. Rendered using traditional methods, it is a pure, stable and seriously delicious. We use it in place of butter, put it in anything baked and never roast vegetables without it. With seemingly endless applications, it is a must have for everyone from a top chef to a beginner in the kitchen.

Plantains are a member of the banana family. They are an excellent source of both potassium and fiber in addition to providing important vitamins A and C. They are primarily eaten cooked and are very versatile. Unripe they are starchy and savory. Ripened they are sweet and rich. Paired with our duck fat, they are unstoppable. 


EPIC Duck Fat Tostones



To see the cooking method, visit the Paleo Mom’s blog HERE and enjoy! Thank you Paleo Mom for our new favorite recipe. Feed others as you wish to to be fed.

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