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Eric Le  |  Mar 06, 2017

Katie and Taylor (EPIC's founders) always remind us of the company's greatest inspiration: nature. Since joining the EPIC team, I've personally drawn so much motivation from the ecosystem of people and organizations we work with to fulfill our goals and mission. This diverse group includes ranchers, athletes, educators and entrepreneurs. There are also folks who have written New York Times best-sellers, competed in the Olympics, and regenerated the grassland of Africa. We've worked alongside people from every end of the business spectrum, too, from small business owners to experienced executives who have taken their companies public. Despite their differences, the common thread that runs through each and every one of these amazing folks are the EPIC stories they've shared with us. Now, we'd like to bring those stories to you, our community. So grab a spot around the campfire and join us for the Meatcast.


Tune in to hear Taylor and Katie cover the following and plenty more:

  • How vegan ultra-endurance athletes ended up running a meat snack company
  • How many times Katie resigned from EPIC in the early days
  • Why they almost walked away from the General Mills acquisition
  • When a corporate spy infiltrated their company
  • Juggling parenthood, entrepreneurship and being competitive athletes
  • How you can help feed Eric’s son

We also chat with EPIC's designer Andrea about how she designs EPIC's award-winning packaging.


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