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Taylor Collins  |  Oct 26, 2015

EPIC Provisions has partnered with our ranching friends at White Oak Pastures to create a truly epic product. The new Beef Peach Rosemary bar is the first EVER shelf stable meat snack to create a net positive return on the environment! By practicing the principles of holistic land management, the folks at White Oak Pastures have successfully created a closed loop livestock operation that is not only zero waste, but actually enriches the land!

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By managing their land within a holistic context, the White Oak Pastures team has successfully restored a 150 year old, 5th generation family ranch. Through healthy grasslands, the Harris family is able to successfully sequester carbon from the atmosphere and put it back into the soil. Not only does this improve the health of the soil and the grass on which the animals feed, but has global impact on reducing the effects of climate change.


Healthy grasslands like the ones at White Oak Pastures also serve as a necessary ecosystem for native wildlife and promotes enriched biodiversity. If that's not impressive enough, healthy soil also holds water more effectively and can reduce the impacts of both drought and floods!

The new Beef Peach Rosemary bar is sold exclusively online at 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Savory Institute and support their efforts of large scale international grassland restoration. Learn more about the Savory Institute and holistic land management online on our website at


We have only produced a small run of these Beef Peach Rosemary bars and they will sell out fast. Make sure you head over to our web store today and vote for regenerative land management by buying this limited run EPIC bar!


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