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The Case For Better Meat
David Leffler  |  Jan 03, 2018

For years, conversations about planetary health and food production have circulated around one thing: the need for a meatless future. This message — and the belief that eating animals, especially cows, is an existential threat to our planetary health — has largely been propagated through celebrity-funded documentaries, videos on the internet, and stories in the media. Behind it all has been an overwhelmingly vegan-driven agenda to wipe meat off the face of the earth.

Alas, nothing in this world is that simple. The vast majority of each story, documentary, video, article, and blog warning against the ingestion of animal proteins has been decidedly slanted, unremitting in their view that all meat is bad for our bodies and planet. As a result, there’s been no middle ground for discussion or debate. Luckily, that’s about to change thanks to the upcoming production of a revolutionary film that’s going to change the world as we know it. Introducing “Kale vs. Cow: The Case For Better Meat.”



The motivation behind this film is simple: to level the ideological playing field and show there’s two sides to every story. “Kale vs. Cow” is going to prove that blanket statements (“all meat is bad,” for instance) are misleading and downright wrong. It’s going to depict why responsibly-sourced and regenerative meat isn’t just an age-old tradition that’s been a part of the human diet since the dawn of time: it’s vital to our future planetary health. And it’s going to, finally, provide a platform for the sea of conscious carnivores who vote with their dollars to support ranchers and farmers who are doing things right.


The voice behind this incredible project is Diana Rodgers. A Registered Dietitian, farmer, and bestselling author, Diana’s made a name for bucking conventional dietary practices and fighting for soil health, planetary health, and a balanced diet. While she’s an incredible resource and personality, she can’t do it alone — which is why she’s teamed up with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Myrna Joseph to put this cinematic and story-centered movie together. The film’s supporters and participants also include Will Harris, Joel Salatin, Mark Sisson, Melissa Hartwig, Robb Wolf, Nicolete Hahn Niman, Christ Masterjohn, Nina Teicholz, and many more talented, accomplished people.



The best part? We’re chipping in to make this film a reality! In fact, for one day only (Thursday, January 4th!) EPIC has pledged to match every donation made up to $5000.00. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about this groundbreaking film and to help fund it!


This is just the beginning, but “Kale vs. Cow” is a sign for many, many more revolutionary things to come. Together, we can level the playing field and provide the much-needed rebuttal to the food propaganda that’s long plagued our airwaves. Let’s show ‘em why it’s the cow — it’s the how.


Dave Wallack     01/17/2018

At a population of almost 8 billion human beings all meat is bad for the planet. Meat is addictive and I have tremendous sympathy for the addiction to animal flesh eating, but that doesn’t change the facts of land and water usage required to birth and raise an animal to eat its flesh.

Greta Dunlap    01/10/2018

Can’t agree with you more! I manager farmers markets and our rancher is the best! When raised free range, organic with love, the various meats are amazing. Always tell people to know where your meat comes from and how raised. We even took customers out for a day to visit the ranch and have a fantastic BBQ. Good luck on this great project.

Zack    01/04/2018

Thank you for fighting the good fight; the ethically sourced and sustainable fight.

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