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EPIC Provisions  |  Nov 15, 2016

Happy Holidays from EPIC Provisions! We are excited to share a truly special holiday gift, carefully crafted to honoring the majestic animals which provide us with nutrient rich food. Offered in a “his” or “her” giftset option, these holiday presents are a thoughtful and unique offering for the special conscious carnivore in your life. The contents of this meaningful and very EPIC giftset represent the countless bounties of Mother Nature through “nose to tail” consumption as well as supports an important initiative going above and beyond creating nourishing food.


Consistent with our company values of "doing more with less" and "honoring nature", EPIC is focusing energy towards better utilizing the entire animal! By seeking ways to use more materials from these brilliant creatures, we are better honoring these animals as well as supporting ranchers committed to growing supply chains of grass fed ruminates. We call this very EPIC mission "The Whole Animal Project." 

The noble cow, in which this gift set is inspired, comes from one of our favorite ranches, White Oak Pastures. The Harris crew operates this 150 year old, 5th generation family farm in Southern Georgia. At White Oak Pastures, cows live in enriched environments that promote their instinctive herding behaviors and graze on healthy pastures shared with over 10 different species of animals. The farm is a zero-waste ecosystem and land is managed by regenerative agriculture techniques that enrich, restore, and heal the earth. The cows at White Oak Pastures are descedents of the original herd (150 years ago) and both born and harvested on the family farm. In an industry leading commitment to animal welfare and creating a net-positive return on the environment, these EPIC animals are some of the finest cows on the planet!


The His gift set includes:

  • two EPIC Bars: Beef Apple Bacon & Beef Habanero Cherry
  • two EPIC Hunt & Harvest Mixes: Mountain Medley & Coconut Carnivore
  • two EPIC Bites: Beef Steak Cranberry Sriracha & Beef Liver
  • one EPIC Beef Jalapeno Bone Broth
  • one EPIC Beef Tallow Cooking Oil
  • two White Oak Pastures Rawhide Dog Chews
  • four White Oak Pastures Leather Coasters
  • one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Lip Balm
  • one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Soap


The Hers gift set includes:

  • two EPIC Bars: Beef Apple Bacon & Beef Habanero Cherry
  • one EPIC Mountain Medley Hunt & Harvest Mix
  • one EPIC Beef Steak Cranberry Sriracha Bites
  • one White Oak Pastures Leather Clutch
  • one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Lip Balm
  • one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Soap

Join us in celebrating the lives of these glorious animals and their positive impact on human health, environmental regeneration, and the restoration of rural America. This is the most unique and meaningful holiday gift of the season and offered exclusively at Order yours today and win at holiday gift giving! We thank you for being a conscious carnivore and for igniting a consumer revolution!  


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