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Taylor Collins  |  Apr 29, 2013

Hello EPIC nation. We have been receiving tons of email requests from you regarding EPIC bar availability at your favorite local store(s). First, take a breath and relax... they will be there soon. Here is the latest update for those of you still panicking!


EPIC bar is currently available through UNFI (United Natural Foods Industries) throughout the Southwest USA. This includes Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. UNFI is the largest natural foods distributor in the country and chances are if you shop at a grocery store with your favorite Kombucha, they order it through UNFI.


So joy to the world for those of you lucky enough to live in one of the above states! Your favorite grocery store can now order EPIC! All you need to do is find the grocery manager or buyer and tell them that you will forever be a loyal customer if they order your favorite new bar (EPIC of course). Then in about a week, our bars will magically appear on your store shelves!


Now, if you live outside of the above mentioned states, you will have to "hold your horses" for a few more months. We are pleased to announce that UNFI has commited to picking up the entire EPIC line on a national level, but it takes time to submit all the required documents and get our products coded. EPIC should be available throughout the US no later than August 2013!


Until then, you can always order EPIC bars online. Our shipping policy is super simple... you can order 1 box or 1,000 boxes and shipping is always $5.95 (obviously better deal to order more than 1 box)! You can also ask your favorite retailer to start carrying EPIC bars and we will gladly set them up with a wholesale account and ship directly. If you're interested in setting up a wholesale account email us at:

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